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Leading All Geared Machine Lathe Manufactures In India.

All Geared Lathe Machine is utilized to execute multiple metal shaping tasks in various industries. They have the gearbox with a lead screw & the feed shaft, enhancing the machining capacity.

The huge range of this machine includes medium duty, light duty, extra heavy-duty, and heavy-duty. The light-duty lathe is utilised for some low volume metal shaping tasks in device rooms when the heavy and medium-duty lathe machines are generally preferred for the bulk metal forming industrial applications.

Pathak Machines Leading Suppliers of All Geared Lathe Machine.

The light-duty, all geared Machine offered by Geared Machine manufacturers caters to light operational needs of the tool room or workshop. They are also highly durable, accurate and versatile.

These machines normally deliver economic solutions for multiple turning requirements with higher machining precision & a better finish on the surface. This has a high-speed balanced spindle & is made according to trendy technology.

Features Of Our Products

Different kinds of the features of the machine given below:

The ground bed of the light lathe is precise throughout the whole length of the particular machine. Further, this lead screw is also protected with the metal guard to ignore the fuse and enhance the operator’s security. Also, this includes the large spindle bore & the hardened ground guide path. Medium duty geared lathe also has a modern design & is made according to contemporary engineering standards.

This tough cast-iron structure assures the rigidity of the bed, saddle, and headstock. The hardened guide paths deliver longer life and overall firmness. Moreover, the trendy type of this gearbox & accurate spindles also enables the perfect headstock performance. A fully enclosed feed box provides various types of threading and creates an operator that feels much secure & also comfortable. Pathak Machine & Tools is one of the leading All Geared Lathe Machine dealers offering high-quality machines.

The Geared Machine At An Affordable Price

Pathak Machine & Tools provides the best quality machine at a pocket-friendly rate in this market. If you take this product from us, you can see that this machine does not need any lot of maintenance cost and these will be long lasting products too.

All Geared Lathe Machine is made for high-end machining work. This multi-tasking machine can also perform concrete jobs on solid sheet metals. Hard casting lathe bed, headstock spindle and headstock gears efficiently work on the hard materials for smoothly moving shafts. Also, this includes some superior grade automatic gears & the automatic switch control panel.


Sr Description PGT-5 PGT-7 PGT-9 PGT-10 PGT-12 Units
1. Machine Length 1675 2130 2740 3048 3658 MM
2. Bed Width 325 325 325 325 325 MM
3. Center Height 254 254 254 254 254 MM
4 Swing Over Bed 490 490 490 490 490 MM
5. Swing Over Cross Slide 290 290 290 290 290 MM
6. Swing In Gap 800 800 800 800 800 MM
7. Admit Between Centers 550 1000 1560 1860 2450 MM
8. No. Of Spindle Speeds 8 8 8 8 8 NO
9. Range Of Spindle Speeds 30 -500 30 -500 30 -500 30 -500 30 -500 RPM
10. Dia. Of Hole Trough Spindle 54 54 54 54 54 MM
11. Inch Tread Range 2 -60 2 -60 2-60 2-60 2-60 TPI
12. Metric Thread Range 1 To 6 1 To 6 1 To 6 1 To 6 1 To 6 MM
13. Lead Screw Dia. 38 38 38 38 38 MM
14. Lead Screw Pitch 4 4 4 4 4 TPI
15. Tail Stock Spindle Dia. 50.8 50.8 50.8 50.8 50.8 MM
16. Tail Stock Spindle Taper Bore MT-4 MT-4 MT-4 MT-4 MT-4
17. Tail Stock Spindle Travel 160 160 160 160 160 MM
18. Power Required 3 3 3 3 3 HP
19. Approx Weight 1100 1250 1450 1700 1925 KG

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