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Pathak Machine Leading Suppliers of Lathe Machine.

We have introduced machines with the latest technology for the better promotion and production of the work with easy compatibility and user skills.

- Mr. Ritesh Pathak, Company Director,

Our Vision

To create better tools that will lift your organization's sales with comfort.

Our Mission

We are striving to develop advanced apparatus that will change the way customers create products in the present times.

Our Goal

The company’s goal is to satisfy clients from across the nation & to deliver them the right machine for the legitimate task at affordable prices.

Pathak Lathe Manufacturers In India.

Pathak Lathe Machine tool is used to remove metals from a workpiece to give it a desired shape and size. It is the most versatile and widely used machine tool.

When you’re looking for a machine that will be used in big construction sites you need to buy Pathak Lathe. We also customize Lathe Machines as per Client’s specification to deliver a machine completely apt for their requirement.

Premium Quality Tools And Products

Pathak Machines, assures you of the quality of the machines.

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High-quality Lathe Machines In The Industry

Pathak Lathe Manufacturers are the industry leader and a renowned manufacturers and exporters of Lathe machines.

Our premier quality Lathe Machines are made using the latest technology for the better promotion and production of the work. Known for their exceptional products and services, Pathak Lathe machine manufacturers are the best choice for buying Lathe machines.Our Lathe machines are available in many different categories which makes our product suitable for all your industry needs. Our many decades of experience and skills enable us to offer many features in our lathe machines including durability, long-lasting life, better construction quality, and suitable for all working conditions.


A Journey Of Three

Pathak Lathes are manufactured to provide complete satisfaction to their customers. Pathak Lathe machines are available at affordable prices and don’t require much maintenance cost; making it a reliable machining tool in the long run. Pathak Lathe machine suppliers in India are dedicated to provide the best products and services since 1960.
Their team of expert researchers and manufacturers enables them to supply lathe machines fit for all your requirements. Easy to use without much significant assistance, Pathak Lathe is the best choice in the industry.

Features We Offer

  • Accurate as per industry standards.
  • Available in varied Bed Lengths.
  • Premier quality at affordable pricing.
  • Long-lasting gears made of alloy steel
  • Durable and rust resistant


Sr.No. Description PMT-6 PMT-8 PMT- 10 PMT- 12 PMT- 16 PMT- 20
1 Length of Bed 6Ft 8Ft 10 ft 12 ft 16 FT 8 FT
2 Width of Bed 14” 16” 18” 20” 22” 22”
3 Height of Centre 12” 14” 16” 18” 20” 20”
4 Spindle Bore 3.1/8” 4.1/8” 4.1/8 “ 4.1/8 “ 4.1/8” 4.1/8”
5 Admit Between Centre 33” 44” 70” 88” 130” 178”
6 Swing Over Bed 23” 27” 31 “ 35” 39” 38”
7 No. of Spindle Speeds 6 6 6 6 6 6
8 Power Required 2HP 1440 RPM 3HP 1440 RPM 3 H.P 960 RPM 5 H.P 960 RPM 7.5 H.P 960 RPM 10 H.P 960 RPM

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Pathak Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. are well-known manufacturers and exporters of milling machines, lathe machines, sheet metal machinery, workshop machinery, hydraulic machines, and presses worldwide.

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