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In the specific workshop, the particular ability to put the dead square hole in the horizontal plane is essential. A pillar drill machine is the most essential price of drill devices, which should be included initially.
As a primary function of the drilling holes, an addition of the alternative connection enhances the diversify of the machine; for installation, utilizing the drum sander in the mortgage-cut chuck, a thermal drill by Pathak Machine & Tools, one of the known pillar drill machines manufacturers will also be able to convert into an effective rendering machine for the immediate curve.

Pathak Machines Leading Suppliers of Drill Machines.

These pillar drill machines are relatively very easy & are also centered around the significant steel column; the drive belt method, motor & chuck is also connected on the one hand.

The 2nd part of this column is also located securely in the iron base & has two horizontal tables between them both. The specific table also can be mounted on the convenient handle-operated rack & the pumping method.

Features Of Pillar Drill Machines

Different kinds of the features of the machine given below:
  • Manual attractive back gauge with the micro setting
  • Pair of the lifting sheet and links suppor
  • Centralized lubrication method
  • Cylinders are also conducted on the actual rare side of a press brake
  • Welded edges are appropriately machined
  • Standard punch fabricated and V-Block from the EN8

The chunk also runs an effective height of a machine to table distance. This maximum dimension can also be fitted vertically under a specific knife. The high workpiece can also be drilled, but also to stand on a machine base, the workpiece requires to move the exact table to ninety degrees likewise, the dummy workpieces can also be drilled that are determined by the throat parameters from the chalk to the column. So, on some machines offered by pillar drill machine dealerPathak Machines & Tools, especially in the base of the hobby category, the head can also tilt. Our product is generally designed to provide the maximum output & incur less maintenance. And we can provide the best product at a pocket-friendly rate in this field. And our product does not need any high care.

Every Indian should think about utilizing this pillar in their workshop. With a specific ability to bore the appropriate hole, as well as maximum functions, this is very high in the detailed list before you purchase, not only with the same machine by pillar drill machine suppliers in India. But also, considering many things in your circumstances, how deep is your drilling? What content can you use? Etc.


Sr. No. Specification Dim. PR-12 PR-19 PS-25 Prl-40 & Psl- 40
1. Drilling Capacity mm 12 19 25 40
2. Pillar Diameter mm 45 74.30 92 121
3. Spindle Nose to table Distance mm 200 660 660 595
4. Distance From Spindle Nose to Base Distance mm 400 900 1045 1050
5. Max. Distance From Spindle Centre to Pillar Surface mm 140 200 250 320
6. Table Travel mm 200 480 480
7. Taper in Spindle MT-1 MT-2 Mt-3 MT-4
8. Number Of Speeds Nos. 4 8 8 8
9. Range of Speed Rpm 100-2200 87-3224 130 -2600 70 to 2000
10. Table Size mm 208 X208 260 X 260 330×330 410x 410
11. Base Size mm 207 X190 480X300 575 x365 440 x 715
12. Spindle Travel mm 70 130 180 250
13. Pillar Length mm 375 1170 1410 1450
14. Main Motor H.P. /1440 RPM 0.5 0.5 1 2
15. WEIGHT ( APPROX) Kgs 45 100 225 325

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