Bandsaw Machine

Bandsaw Machine

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Leading Bandsaw Machine Manufacturers In India.

A bandsaw machine is a useful tool that will produce you the precise output in the metal and wood cutting works for your buyers and suppliers.
You can earn a substantial income by cutting metals/woods in the right shape you ever desired and selling them to your clients for profit. For the machine, it’s equipped with a powerful motor that can work for longer periods without a single fault or error. Being a famous bandsaw machine manufacturers in India, it’s our responsibility to give you an industry-standard quality output that will ensure long-lasting performance for years and we are happy to make this product.

Pathak Machines Leading Suppliers of Bandsaw Machine.

We have introduced machines with the latest technology for the better promotion and production of the work with easy compatibility and user skills.

Pathak Machines, assures you the quality of the machines. One of the leading Bandsaw Machine Exporters which is superior in providing durable, premium quality tools and products.

Features Of Bandsaw Machine

Different kinds of the features of the machine given below:
  • Smooth cutting options
  • Maximum blade usage for cuts
  • Accurate and quick cuts
  • Low maintenance
  • Control pressure system for support

The product of powerful bandsaw machine suppliers in India is so great that it comes with many cutting abilities like round cutting, square cutting, hexagonal cutting, and solid section cutting. The product can grant you the best returns on your investments when you use it for a longer duration. The machine is available in the vertical and horizontal types where you can cut the metals in irregular shapes. Whatever your business demands are, we are thriving for maximum productivity to you.


Cutting Capacity 8” 10” 12” 16” 24” 9”
Round Bar (in MM) 200 250 300 400 600 225
Square Bar (in MM) 175 x 175 200 x 200 250×250 350 x350 450 X 450 150 x 300
Blade Size (in MM) 3000 x 27 x 0.9 3515 x 27 x 0.9 3760 x 27 x 0.9 4420 x34 x1.1 5800 X 41 X 1.3 3000 x 27 x 0.9
Motor Power Require 1HP/1440 RPM 1.5HP/1440 2 HP / 960 RPM 2 HP / 960 RPM 5 HP / 960 RPM 1 HP / 1440 RPM
Coolant Pump Power 0.15HP/2800 RPM 0.15HP/2800 RPM 0.15HP/2800 RPM 0.15HP/2800 RPM 0.25 HP / 2800 RPM 0.10 HP / 2800 RPM
Blade Speed (Mtr/Min) 22-37-55-75 22-37-55-75 22-37-55-75 22-37-55-75 22 – 37 – 55 – 75 20 – 75
Overall Dimension (in Mtr) 2×0.85x 1 2.3 x 0.85 x 1.5 2.5 x 0.85x 1.8 2.7 x 0.9 x1.2 3.7×0.95×1.3 650 x1570 x1060 x580
Weight( kgs.) 375 400 460 750 1250 Kg 375

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