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Leading Heavy Duty Lathe Machine Manufactures In India.

A heavy duty lathe machine is a workshop machinery. These machines are used for operations like turning, cutting, sanding, deformation, and facing with tools that are attached with the other pieces in the machine.
That allows the user to cut pieces in their desired shapes and sizes. Pathak machines are the leading manufacturer in the country for these lathe machines that designs and make two types of lathe machines; medium and heavy duty. The heavy duty one are manual heavy duty lathe machines that are needed to be operated manually. These machines are made from the finest material so that no damage happens to the loads these machines lifted, cut and derfomred.

Pathak Machines Leading Suppliers of Lathe Machine.

We have introduced machines with the latest technology for the better promotion and production of the work with easy compatibility and user skills.

These lathe machines are of premium quality and Pathak Machines make sure they provide the utmost benefits and best machinery to its clients and customers.

Features Of Heavy Duty Lathe Machine

Different kinds of the features of the machine given below:
  • All major parts have suitable grades.
  • All major parts have a hardness of 165 to 180 BHN
  • The machine gives a guarantee of IS standards
  • All the heavy duty lathe machine suppliers make sure that the does perform its functions like cutting whitworth, diametral and module pitches and also metric

Being the most leading medium and heavy duty lathe machine manufacturers in India and developers Pathak Machines also customise the sizes and other features as per the customers requirement. If you happen to look for a premium quality and customisable machine manufacturer we are one of profound and proud companies to get in touch with.


Sr.No. Description PMT-4 PMT-6 PMT-8 PMT-10 PMT- 12 PMT-16 PMT-20
1 Length of Bed 4-5 FT 6Ft 8Ft 10 FT 12 FT 16 FT 20FT
2 Width of Bed 11” 14” 16” 18” 20″ 22″ 22″
3 Height of Centre 9” 12” 14” 16” 18″ 20″ 20″
4 Spindle Bore 2” 3.1/8” 4.1/8” 4.18” 4.18” 4.18” 4.18”
5 Admit Between Centre 2’ -3” 33” 49” 70” 88″ 130″ 178″
6 Swing Over Bed 17” 23” 27” 31” 35″ 39″ 39″
7 No. of Spindle Speeds 6 6 6 6 6 6 6
8 Power Required 1HP 1440 RPM 2HP 1440 RPM 3HP 960 RPM 3 H.P 960 RPM 5 H.P 960 RPM 7.5 H.P 960 RPM 10 H.P 960 RPM

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