Shaper Machine: Working Principle, Different Types, Operations, And Much More, Explained!

The production of flat surfaces, grooves, slots, and other similar features often requires the employment of machines known as shapers. As the name suggests, the purpose of a Shaper Machine is to shape the workpiece by producing it in different dimensions. A single-point cutting tool gets used in the shaper machine. This tool retrieves and rubs the workpieces and eliminates undesired metal from the workpieces in chip form. The tool post attached to the workpiece shaper machine’s grip is fully adjustable. A reciprocating action causes a single-point cutting tool to rub against the workpiece, resulting in the removal of undesired metal in the form of chips. This machine can manufacture concave or convex contours, slots, and grooves and is especially useful for constructing interior keyways. 

The Shaper Machine utilises relative motion between the workpiece and the machine tool. You may not be familiar with the term “machine tool,” we will explain that it refers to a piece of equipment used to mould components made of metal or any other hard material. A shaper machine, much like a wood shaper, is a device that helps us acquire the desired size and form of the material while maintaining the integrity of the original dimensions. With the help of the linear motion shaper machine cuts in a linear toolpath. The cuts are similar to the lathe machine with the difference that a lathe machine gives us a helical cut while the shaper gives us the desired linear cut.

Shaper Machine: An Overview! 

A shaping machine is a machine that is both simple and very efficient. To achieve a flat surface, it removes material which is often composed of metals such as steel or aluminium. On the other hand, it has its uses in gear production, such as rack and pinion systems and other complicated forms. A crank and slider mechanism is housed inside its shell or casing to move the cutting tool forward and then back to its starting position. This motion happens all the time.

The Working Principle Of A Shaper Machine 

Within the shaper machine, a tool holder gets permanently placed to the ram and within the tool, the holder is a single-point cutting tool. The item of work gets secured in a vice in a stiff position (or clamped directly on the table). As a result of the reciprocating motion of the ram, the cutting tool held in the tool holder goes backward and forth over the surface of the workpiece.

When using a conventional shaper, the cutting action takes place only during the forward stroke of the ram, while the backward stroke is left unemployed. The “Quick Return Mechanism” is what allows for the motion to go both forward and backward. Adjusting the cut depth involves sliding the tool lower toward the work item to adjust.

The Different Operations Performed By The Shaper Machine

Shaper Machine Manufacturers describe that there are at least four types of operations that a machine can perform and we have explained some of those operations below. 

Horizontal Cutting 

The shaping machine performs its operation on a horizontal surface by shifting the workpiece in the opposite direction of the ram’s travel. The clapper box will be placed either vertically or at a little slope, with the flat side facing the uncut surface. Because of this, the tool gets raised mechanically on the return stroke.

Inclined Cutting

All cuts made at an angle other than 90 degrees to the horizontal or vertical planes are considered angular cuts. After positioning the workpiece on the table, the desired cutting angle gets selected by swivelling the tooth head’s vertical slide. From the vertical posture, it must go to the left or right.

Irregular Cutting 

The tool utilised in this shaping machine operation has a circular nose. An apron gets vertically positioned when making a shallow cut, but if the curve is fairly acute, the apron will swivel away from the surface to be cut to the right or left.

The Best Brand To Look For! 

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